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by Cesair

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Erda 05:08
A pool reflects the passage of the morn. Young women smile anew, now the children have been born and on the fields appear their fathers fading in the sun. It's time to live the dream, now the vision has begun. Our lives we spend by running with the deer. The Earth has given bessing, the time that we lived here. The rhythm, which pulses, like waving of the rye as heading for tomorrow is a message in the sky. Ours are the meadows and forests of the land. New colours and sounds weave a pattern where we stand, of places untouched, a kingdom of our own until the sun goes down and our time has outgrown. Erda. Haimo.
The Ruin 05:24
Upon the grim hill, a shadow is cast by the moon's pale embrace. Lofty and still and scarred to the root by the wind pouring days. Hryre wong gecrong gebrocen to beorgum. on sylfor on þas beorchtan burg. Remember the morn, when princes were born and the poems were sung. Good men they were torn, the voices of ever lament years of young.
Rúnatal 05:40
Við hleifi mik sældu ní við hornigi, nýsta ek niðr, nam ek upp rúnar æpandi nam, fell ek aftr þaðan. Veit ek, at ek hekk vindga meiða á nætr. Allar níu, geiri undaðr ok gefinn Oðni. Sjalfr sjalfum mér, a þeim meiði er manngi veit hvers af rotum renn. Oðin með asum en fyr alfum Dáinn Dvalinn ok dvergum fyrir Asviðr jötnum fyrir ek reist sjalfr sumar. Betra er obéðit en sé ofblótit. Ey ser til gildis gjof betra er ósent en se ofsóit. Svá Þundr of reist fyr þjoðr rök þyn hann upp of reis er hann aftr of kom.
Boudicca 04:54
When the British warrior queen bleeding from the Roman rods, sought with an indignant mien counsel of her country's gods. Sage beneath a spreading oak, sat the Druid, hoary chief, every burning word he spoke full of hate and full of grief: 'Princess, if our aged eyes weep upon thy matchless wrongs, 'tis because resentment ties all the terror of our tongues. Rome shall perish - write that word in the blood that she has spilt: perish hopeless and abhorred, deep in ruin as in guilt. How sweet it is for fatherland to die! True Virtue opens heaven to worth. She makes the way, she does not find the vulgar crowd, the humid earth. Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.
Chorihani 03:26
Zoontana, aither, chara pro-orismos, helios ekton, aftonia, magista Ki shan i Romani – Adoi san’ i chov’hani.
La Luna 04:28
La luna vino a la fragua con su polisón de nardos. El niño la mira, mira, mira, el niño la está mirando. El aire la vela, vela el aire la está velando. Huye, luna luna, luna luna! Si vinieran los gitanos harían con tu corazón collares y anillos blancos. El niño la mira, mira, mira, el niño la está mirando. Cómo canta la zumaya ay cómo canta en el árbol! Dentro de la fragua lloran, dando gritos, los gitanos. Por el cielo va la luna con un niño de la mano.
Trungl sjötrungnis Auðsug jötuns Élsólar böl Vilsinn völu Vörð nafjarðar Hvélsveg himins Hvat er troll nema þat? Troll kalla mik Skald kalla mik Skapsmið Viðurs Gauts gjafrötuð Hagsmið bragar Hvat er skald nema þat? Skald kalla mik Veistu hve rista skal? Veistu hve ráða skal? Veistu hve fáa skal? Veistu hve freista skal? Veistu hve biðja skal? Veistu hve blöta skal? Veistu hve senda skal? Veistu hve söa skal?
Ahes 04:53
Lady, o lady, child of sea-born, all nights I have come. Embrace this face of noble storm, let the wait be done. Longing years of lonely lament, absence of your touch. Herein lies a vital end, can one heart bear as much? Though the sea now keeps you nearest, though the ocean holds you close; my arms still can feel you, dearest, my heart with you still overflows. One day the moment finds us, our lives begin all overnew. Until this moment binds us I will remember you. Princess, sweet Ahes, light of life, open the gate to me. Make me enter, make me free, together we shall be. Then reveal yourself, lonely prince, king of dark abyss. I have heard you long since, so steal from me a kiss. My father, father, mortal man around his neck the key. I must steal it, he won't see, together we must be. Ahes went to the chamber, took her father's key; left him there in slumber, for together they must be. In came the lover flowing free, with waves of cold embrace. Paving the dark streets of the city and drowning the Ysian race. Take me lover, bring me under, life is no more for me. My last breath will leave yonder, together we must be.
Mardochaios 04:15
Mardochaios, bel belim.
Isolde 04:22
Tristan muose sunder sînen danc, stæte sîn der küniginne, wan in der poysûn dar zuo twanc mêre dan diu kraft der minne. Des sol mir die guote danc wizzen, daz ich solken tranc nie genam und ich sie doch minne baz danne er, und mac daz sîn. Wol getâne, valsches âne lâ mich wesen dîn und bis du mîn. Sît diu sunne ir liehten schîn gegen der kelte hât geneiget und diu kleine vogellîn ir sanges sint gesweiget, trûric ist daz herze mîn ich wæne, ez wil winter sîn, der uns sîne kraft erzeiget an den bluomen, die man siht. In lichter varwe, erblichen garwe; dâ von mir beschiht, leit und anders niht.
aum bhuurbhu vahsuvah aum tatsavitur varenyam bhargo devasya dhiimahi dhiyo yo nah prachodayaath aum adityaaya vidmahe sahastra kiranaaya dhiimahi taanah suuryah prachodayaath
Umbra 04:54
Dacă tu vei căuta Să se nalţe pacinic fumul Jertfei tale, nu uita Că, de ai spre soare drumul, Umbra este-n urma ta. Umbra-i robul, când urmezi Drumul tău spre soare ţintă: Nu te supăra n-o vezi; Chipul ţi-e în lumină sfântă, Şi-n lumină înaintezi. Dar când vii de dimpotrivă Soarelui, ea-i sfetnic rău: Stăruind nemilostiva, Să-nnopteze chipul tău, Ce supărăcioasă fi-va! Umbră, soare-al jertfei fum! De prisos mi-e tâlcul, dacă N-ai putut să-l prinzi. Şi-acum Poţi s-alegi! Eşti cel ce pleacă, Eu sunt cel de mult pe drum.


Remember, there was a time before us. In this old world, a sense of belonging and feeling of oneness kept us together through storm and flood. Remember, there was a place; a center in the cycles of life, a portal to the inner earth. Marked with stone monuments, such places stood aligned with the pathway to the stars. Remember, there was a name at the beginning: Omphalos, the navel of the earth.

A bridge between the old and the new, Omphalos is the long awaited follow-up to Cesair's debut Dies, Nox et Omnia, featuring 12 original songs performed by former and current band members, as well as a guest appearance by FAUN's Stephan Groth.


released September 1, 2017

Produced, recorded and mixed by Fieke van den Hurk at Dearworld Studio in 's-Graveland
Mastered by Darius van Hefteren at Amsterdam Mastering
Graphic design by Fieke van den Hurk and Monique van Deursen

All lyrics by Monique van Deursen, except:
Boudicca – Q. Horatius Flaccus, 'Carmina' & William Couper, 'Boadicea: An Ode'; Chorihani – part traditional; Isolde – Anon.;La Luna – Federico García Lorca, 'Romance de la Luna, Luna'; The Ruin – part Anon.; Rúnatal – 'Poetic Edda: Hávamal'; Troll Kalla Mik – 'Poetic Edda: Hávamal' & Snorri Sturluson, 'Prose Edda: Skáldskaparmál'; Umbra – George Coşbuc, 'Umbră'; Surya Mantras - 'Upanishad'

All music, compositions and arrangements by Cesair, except:
Rúnatal, part traditional

Monique van Deursen - vocals, bodhrán, frame drum, darbuka
Sophie Zaaijer - violin, viola, cello, vocals, jew's harp, glockenspiel, percussion
Thomas Biesmeijer - acoustic guitar, Irish bouzouki, vocals, frame frum
Jan de Vries - drums, davul, djembé, percussion
Faber Horbach - piano, nyckelharpa, vocals
Luka Aubri - slideridoo
Fieke van den Hurk - accordion, hammered dulcimer, hurdy-gurdy, percussion

Guest vocals on Ahes by Stephan Groth


all rights reserved



Cesair Netherlands

Cesair's music incorporates the musical, spiritual and historical heritage of cultures from all around the Orient and Occident, creating a mixture of eastern sounds and rhythms and traditional as well as modern European folk music.

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